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Alith Casual Cyrodiil PVP Raid    

Friday 13 January 2017, 08:30pm - 10:30pm

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Welcome to Alith Casual Cyrodiil PVP Raid. These are our official guild raids to Cyrodiil, and everyone is welcome to join. These raids are led by our guild PvP Raid Leaders, who ensure that these are relaxed, friendly, fun, pressure-free runs, just as you'd expect from an Alith event! Don't be nervous! We want members of all levels to feel welcomed to join, whether you are new to pvp or a former emperor, we just want you to have fun :). We do NOT have any "set agenda" for the raid and our objectives will likely change constantly. You can however expect to see: Fort Sieging, Fort Defending, Capturing Key Locations, Ambushing Enemies, Chasing down Elder Scrolls, and of course, plenty of pure PvP epic battles!


• Please note you cannot enter Cyrodiil until your character is lvl 10.

What to bring along:

• Siege Weapons (however many you can afford).
• Magicka/Stamina/Health/Crafted potions of your preference.
• Food of your choice.
• Soul Gems. (please note: you need Grand soul gems for Cyrodiil)
Remember to bring as much of the above as you can. It's not compulsory though, so if you can't afford these items then don't worry - you're still welcome to join in.


Please also make sure you have TeamSpeak installed and set up prior to the run. It would be ideal to install it even if you don't have a microphone, just being able to hear instructions is a great help. If you for some reason cannot use TeamSpeak, let us know. It is not mandatory, just very much advantageous for us to use it.

During the raid we would kindly request that we maintain TeamSpeak silence during the time the Raid Leader is explaining tactics / co-ordinating. It's a challenging role for our raid leaders to lead, co-ordinate, and give instructions for a large raid group, and impossible for them if everyone is talking over each other - so please show due respect and patience.


If this is your fist time heading into Cyrodiil, we highly recommend going through the in game "Tutorial" quests first, as it will guide you through some of the basic mechanics of Cyrodiil (such as using siege weapons, repairing walls, etc..). The Raid Leader will of course be giving instructions throughout the raid, but he/she won't have time to "teach" members how all the mechanics work as thier focus will be coordinating the group.
Cyrodiil can be a dangerous place to roam, and ganking will likely happen, so you should be prepared for some deaths. In case of death we would require for you to please remain patient, understanding, supportive and to not put unnecessary pressure on other group members. We raid leaders/officers will of course do the same.

We cannot guarantee that the run will always be successful so, we'd ask that you come along with a relaxed, casual attitude, and appreciate the fact that some runs will be successful, and some won't. Some members will be more experienced than others, and we don't want anyone to be made to feel like they're "not good enough". The key is for us to have fun, and not take the whole thing too seriously, so no raging please.
Although we have an "end time" for the raid, this is quite flexible. Some events we may end up going on much later if everyone is having fun and wants to continue, it really depends on how long members stick around for. Throughout the raid, members are free to leave, or join, as they like - but if we end up with too few members to continue, we may call it at that stage.

How to sign up:

All members who wish to join, should sign up to this calendar event - all classes / roles are welcomed.
Please aim to arrive at least 10 minutes before the start time since, that time designates the time we aim to start the raid. If you are not there by that time, you may still join us late, but you'll miss the start of the raid.
We're looking forward to seeing you all at the run!

Regards Alith Raid Leaders & Officers.



Location :  Cyrodiil
Contact :  bladedbelial  (bladedbelial)

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