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One Tamriel is Live!

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One Tamriel is Live!

One Tamriel has officially landed!  After many weeks of discussion, debate and speculation, finally the next big ESO update has arrived, and with it comes multiple significant changes to the game.  We've already enjoyed reading everyones varying views about the changes, and indeed the excitement around some of new additions.  While this is not a typical large "story driven" content update, it does bring with it some really big changes.  

While Alith will indeed remain an Ebonheart Pact guild, we are certainly excited about the prospect of more Alithians being able to play with each other, regardless of faction.  Over the next few weeks, we're eager to dive in and experience what life is like in One Tamriel, and look forward to hearing how you are all finding the changes.

Some of the key big changes that have arrived:

  • One Tamriel - go anywhere, anytime, and play with anyone from any faction
  • Craglorn Overhaul - play through Craglorn solo!
  • Duelling
  • Changes to Dungeons
  • New Weapon Ultimate Skills
  • Champion Point Cap Increase
  • And more...

Read a summary of the changes and new content that comes with Update 12 here

Read the Full Patch notes for Update 12 here

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See you all in One Tamriel!

Belazarus & The Alith Officers