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ESO Player Housing (Homestead) Announced!

Player Housing is finally coming to ESO!  This will be launched under the official title "Homestead" in February 2017.  It's safe to say that this is a feature loved by many gamers out there, and something which will be welcomed by both Elder Scrolls & MMO fans alike.  We're super excited about the introduction of player housing in ESO, and we can't wait to see all the stunning homes our community will be creating.  Zenimax has revealed their announcement article, detailing some of the features of the new system, as well as a preview video showing off some of the varying houses players will be able to purchase in game.

Some of the highlights are:

  • Nearly 40 unique homes to choose from
  • Free 1st home (Local Inn) by completing tutorial quest
  • Homes styled after all 10 races of ESO
  • Homes come furnished or unfurnished
  • Homes will be located in non DLC zones (base zones)
  • Own multiple homes
  • Account Based
  • Homes purchaseable with in game Gold and Crowns
  • House Editor - to decorate your home
  • Furniture Crafting
  • Display achievement trophies in your home
  • Place Pets, Mounts, Assistants, Crafting Stations & Target Dummies (Skeletons) in your home
  • Allow friends and guild mates to visit your home
  • And more....

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We're very much looking forward to the launch, and look forward to the future prospect of having our very own Guild Hall too one day.  February can't come quick enough!

Belazarus & The Alith Officers