Join Alith Home




So you want to join the Alith family?

Here at Alith, we want to make sure that we recruit members who share the same values and attitude as Alith.  This is to ensure that you feel at home with Alith and also to protect our guilds friendly, drama-free, positive environment.  For that reason we'd love to find out a bit more about you.  Joining us is simple, and you can do this today in just TWO simple steps:
And that's it!
Once we have reviewed your application, we wil email you with the outcome.  Once you have been approved, you will then get FULL access to our website including our forum, ventrilo settings, event calendar, and other useful pages. 
You may then contact one of the officers in game who will invite you into the guild so you can meet the gang!
Good Luck and we look forward to reading all about you!
For Further assistance with applying to Alith, please feel free to CONTACT US NOW