Bel is the Guild Leader and the longest serving Alithian, having been in the guild since its founding back in 2009.  Bel is a self proclaimed geek, sci-fi fan, and has been an Elder Scrolls fan since the days of Morrowind. 

Bel lives in Brighton, UK, is 34 years old and works as a manager for a large insurance company.  Bel was born in the UK, but grew up and spent most of his youth in Swaziland (Southern Africa). 

Among other officer duties, Bel is the guild website's administrator, news publisher and is responsible for the overall management / overseeing of the guild.  Although technically Bel is the leader of Alith, the guild is run as a democracy (not a dictatorship). 

As such, all guild matters are discussed by the entire officer team, and decisions are made collaboratively.  Bel is passionate about Alith, and considers the guild his second home , spending most of his spare time working hard on keeping Alith running smoothly and it's members happy.  Bel is pretty much involved in all aspects of the guild, and has been leading the guild for all these years, because he truly loves and is passionate about the community we've built, and it's members.  Bel doesn't lead the guild out of a desire for status or position, and always lets the members views, feelings, needs and desires steer all his decision making.  After all, without a community of happy members, we have no guild, and Bel understands this.  Bel's love for Alith is as strong as ever, and he's very much looking forward to seeing many many more years of success for Alith in ESO!



Krysalan joined Alith at the launch of ESO and has been a solid member of the family ever since.  Throughout his time with Alith, he's been regularly involved in all guild activities, and his progression to guild officer was a very natural step up for him.  Krys is 49 years old, works as an office administrator for a nationwide bulk liquid storage company and lives in Wirral in the UK.  Krys lives with his wife, 16 year old son and 2 dogs. 

Krys isn't new to the MMO world, and has been playing them all the way back to Ultima Online days, through to WoW, LOTRO, SWTOR, RIFT, The Secret World and now of course, ESO where he plans to stay for the long term.  Other than playing ESO, Krys' other hobbies inlude playing the guitar, reading and watching movies. 

As a member of the Officer Team, Krys helps to manage our Facebook Group and also plays an intergral role in both PvE and PvP activities in Alith.  Krys has proven to be a valuable member off the community, and with his witty sense of humour, he's popular amonst all Alithians!



Bio Coming Soon...



Gareth has been with alith since the beginning of 2015, and in fact Alith was Gareth's very first guild in an MMO!  Gareth very quickly grew to love the people and ethos of the guild, greatly because he found that Alith's values matched his own.  Gareth is originally from South Africa, but moved to the UK back in 2008.  Gareth has always been passionate about the Elder Scrolls series, ever since the days of Morrowind, but the real "gem" for him is being part of this community which he cares about deeply.

After being a valuable member of Alith community for several months, Gareth very quickly progressed into the role of guild Raid Mentor, where he very successfully organised and led many guild "Learning Raids",  as part of our Alith Academy.  After a very successful period of leading raids, Gareth finally applied to become a guild Officer, because he really wanted to help others to see the value of being part of a community like Alith.  Not only has Gareth proven to be a real intergral part of the commuinity, but his vast experience in the games raid & dungeon content, has made him a fountain of knowledge, which he regularly shares with the rest of the guild.  As such, Gareth oversees all things PvE Raiding in Alith, and works closely with our PvE Raid Leading team in this area.

Gareth really is at the heart of our community, and his laid back, relaxed, friendly personality, makes him a very approachable & helpful person.  Gareth is always on hand to share a laugh, or offer a helping hand when it's needed, so don't be shy to give him a wave when you see him online, or ask him for advice on all things ESO related.