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Since there are so many craftable sets, and there are so many of us who have opened our residences to the guild, I figured it'd seem sensible for us each to have a different set in our houses, to maximise the sets easily available to the guild? If you think that sounds like a good idea, and you're happy to share your Attunable Crafting Stations with the guild, post your in-game ID and what set(s) you have in your Primary Residence. :) Who knows, between us all, we might be able to get them all, and save on the journeying time by being able to simply click on a guildie's name. Would be good for all those Master Writs that require IC sets, for example.
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Since Nic and Andy did a Jumping puzzle I wanted to jump (pun intended) on the homestead puzzle train :) So here is a little non jumping puzzle for you guys. ... Khajiit has a riddle for you, my friend. Can you solve it? It is not hard, this one swears, but beware.... If you can't solve this riddle in time... well... this one might break into your house and steal some of your priced possessions... your rainbow camel army... This one heard rainbow camels bring a lot of shiny coins these days... mmh... shiny coins... Mmh? Where was this one? Ahh, yes, the riddle. Well, how did it go? Ahh, yes... Come to my house weary stranger, you seem quite bored at the face of danger, no worries for this one has the cure for you, solve a riddle while I eat.... my.... beef stew? Tell me, can you count my friend? because this one really can't... Yes, this one's ashamed and wants to disappear, just tell me, how many lights, shinning or not, are here? And well, since you're counting now, this one has another question for you though, the prevision tenant left some creepy things in here... weirdly.... can you tell me which guild he was from... quickly.... Finally, I'm almost done, I guess no one liked this riddle, none.... but never mind, I'm still gonna finish and ask you this... Can you tell me what my favorite biscuit is... Yes, this one believes that this was the riddle. Well, come visit me and solve it, because I have 10 times 1000 shiny coins for you if do. And if you can't... well... you're rainbow camel army is mine... See you, friend. And good luck.
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Ok, we are to have a new name, but that list is deeply uninspiring. Please, sir, may we have some more? Or at least pay some attention to the grammar..... Alith Reigns If you mean it as a verb, It makes little sense as a noun here. Alith's Legacy ( a legacy pertains to something/someone) but who? Maybe a little alliteration would look better.
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