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Welcome to Alith!  If you're new to the guild, this is the best place to start.  We've put this section together to help guide you to some of the most useful sections of our website, but of course feel free to browse around the site to your hearts content. 
There are many useful sections which we keep up to date on a regular basis, so please do take a look through our Main Menu (top of website).  There are also a few helpful links on our homepage slider.  Here are a few pages you may wish to visit first:



Now that you have access to our guild forum, why not introduce yourself to the rest of the family and tell the rest of the members a bit about yourself.  Click the link above to be directed to the member introductions forum, and just make a new thread.



Why not put a face to the name.  Don't feel like you have to, but for those of you who wish to share a picture of yourself in real life (or in game character) - feel free to post a pic of yourself in our real life pictures thread of our forums.



If you haven't done so already, we highly recommend visiting our guild rules section.  As you know, Alith is a relaxed, non-pressure, casual guild - and therefore we are very much against imposing loads of demanding rules on our members.  Having said that, we do have a set of guidelines that we do expect our members to follow, simply to ensure we continue to be a peaceful, fun loving, respectful and mature guild.  Hit the link above to go check them out.



Like to voice chat?  Here at Alith we use Team Speak as our voice communication client.  Using TS is optional in Alith (we don't force our members to do anything) but it is a useful tool to use during dungeons / raids, and is also a fun way to socialise with your new fellow guild mates.  So don't be shy, pop on in for a chat!  Click the link above for a full guide on where to get Team Speak from and how to set it up.  Please be aware that our TS settings are for Alith members only, thanks!


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We're on Discord too!  While we use Team Speak as our voice communication software, we do have our very own Discord server too for real time text chat outside of the game.  This is a great way to keep in touch with your fellow guild mates and friends at all times, or just to chit chat about anything when you're not in game.  Another great way to socialise with your guild mates.  Click the link above to read the full Discord article on how to join!



Here at Alith, we have a very experienced and dedicated team of Officers who are here to support you guys, the members, and they do a fantastic job at keeping our guild running smoothly.  If you ever need our assistance or advice, please don't be shy to contact any of the officers, either by private message through the forum, or in game.  To meet your officers, and put a face to the names, just click the link above.



Have you reached the endgame content of ESO, are eager to dive into the 12 man raid dungeons of the game for the first time, but are nervous about making mistakes?  Alith Academy's Learning Runs are for you!  Our Alith Academy team of Raid Mentors are there to take you through friendly, relaxed, pressure-free, supportive Raid Dungeons for first timers / those who are less experienced.  This is great for those who want to learn the mechanics of the tough 12 man dungeons, alongside good friends without the fear / pressure of messing up!



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Did you know, Alith also have our very own Facebook Group and Twitter Handle!  Join us in our Facebook group, or follow us on Twitter now so you get all the latest updates & news directly to your Facebook / Twitter feeds - super useful when you're on the move.  It's also a great place for members to socialise and share their Alith experiences real time!  Click the link above for instructions on how to join our Facebook group!


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Alith have our own YouTube channel where you can enjoy videos created by our very own members of their adventures in Tamriel with Alith.  We also share various interesting & useful ESO videos, we may even feature some of yours!  Heard of Alith-Cast?  Alith have our very own Podcast & Webcast which you can enjoy by subscribing to our channel.  We feature interviews with members, ESO news & discussion, competitions, guild updates and more!  Alith-Cast can be listened to in audio on I-Tunes & Podomatic,  or you can join us on the show Live on Twitch!  If you miss the live show, you can always catch up on YouTube!  Click the link above to visit our channel, where you can subscribe!